About this site

Tephra Blog is my first attempt at a blog site, it's intended to be a place where I can put things that interest me and act as a notebook in a way. I have worked on several projects in the past that I have forgotten some important details, with this site I am hoping to create some good habits of documenting what I am up to.

About me

I currently work with embedded Linux systems although I'm very new to it. I hope to continue working in this field and wish to gain more skills in embedded microcontrollers and real-time systems. Previously the majority of my skill set was in JavaScript and web development, although I was never really a skilled web developer.

My passion is vintage computers, I am particularly fond of repairing and documenting them. The majority of this blog site focuses on that interest. I find it's a comfortable blend of work and hobby, a lot of what I do in my job is usable in my hobby, and restoring vintage computers pushes me to learn new things that allow me to progress in my career.

Do you want a blog?

Yeah! Well, you can get started for free and set up your very own, go have a look at Ghost, the same platform that powers this website. Go have a look here to see about my experience with Ghost.